World Conflict Resolution Day 16th October 2014 – Kids in The Middle

We were so pleased to host World Conflict Resolution Day on 16th October, like other years the focus for this event was really thinking about young people as participants in family conflict.  We welcomed Duncan Fisher from Kids in the Middle to talk about the launch of their new website and online peer mentoring scheme for children.   Carol Hope a family mediator from Scotland who spends a large amount of her time teaching children how to mediate in schools, she gave an truly inspiring presentation of what a difference she saw after spending just three days with the children.  Mabel Edge a mediator and child worker in Plymouth presented artwork and messages from children in conflict.  We also enjoyed listening to all our foreign guests talk about their mediation practices in their own countries.   The Post House, Stafford provided the training venue and refreshments throughout the day which were all very good and we look forward to working with them again in 2015.

A few snapshots of the day are show including the curry our foreign guests and us enjoyed on the Thursday evening.


Sabine Walsh (Ireland), Carol Hope (Scotland) and Emma Turner


Curry On Thursday Evening with Bernt (Sweden) Vaula & Pia (Finland) Pedro (Portugal) Leo and Paola (Italy) Lisa Parkinson, Nicola Watson, Neil Robinson, Sabine (Ireland) Ian Christie, Carol Hope (Scotland)

Kids in the Middle

Gerry McPherson, Duncan Fisher (Founder of Kids in the Middle), Emma Turner









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