Client Testimonials

“The service is excellent if you want “without prejudice” mediation to agree guidelines or resolve/make better personal relationship issues”. (July 2016)

“Resolved out case effectively and efficiently which otherwise would have resulted in another trip to Court which is both stressful and expensive.” (June 2016)

“I can’t wait for Saturday to have overnight contact with my son. In fact I’m so thankful for what you have done for me I am even considering training to become a mediator so I can help other families.” (May 2016)

“The service we received was exactly what we needed. The mediator was professional, friendly, helpful, understanding, fair and knowledgeable. The whole process was brilliant from beginning to end. I cannot fault the service” (February 2016)

“A client who recently attended a separate assessment meeting in Wolverhampton with Stuart Jones our mediator said the following “ I found the assessment meeting so useful, it really helped me to understand the benefit of mediation and what can be achieved for the future of my children, everyone should attend one!”. (October 2015)

“Extremely satisfied with service. Ann was very pleasant and understanding. All round great experience (considering). (August 2015)

“After 3 sessions we came to an impasse but that was because I had sought after the 2nd session some legal advice to make sure I was on track, Nettie attempted to keep our focus at all times and it gave us the way forward in terms of a financial settlement that the solicitor then found very easy to work with, therefore making the process much quicker. Overall the cost of our divorce came to approximately £1,500 this includes the mediation sessions. Very grateful to Nettie’s professionalism throughout in a situation that was at times truly heart-breaking. Thank you, less painful I am sure than using a Solicitor from the offset”. (February 2015)

“The use of an independent third party with a legal background helped establish trust (January 2015)”.

“Thank you so much for today. We have made more headroom than in the past 4 years. I just wanted to let you know you have helped us more than you realise and I thank you so much (November 2014)”

“ In general a much cheaper and I think less conflict prone process than using solicitors (November 2014)”

“ Would you please pass on my regards to Nettie for the sterling job she did. I have also recommended you to friends who are going through the horrible process as well (October 2014)”

“Very friendly staff. Cheaper than going through Solicitors or Court, I have already given your telephone number to a friend (September 2014)!”

“Excellent Service highly recommended (August 2014)!”

“We felt that the whole process was professional, organised and explained; happy to recommend and have already! (July 2014)”

“We have both been happy with our choice to use your services and have been happy with your mediator, communication and correspondence (July 2014)”

“Nettie and team were very good and helped sort a difficult situation I have already recommended you (June 2014)!”

“Excellent Service! No improvement needed! thank you so much!”

“Absolutely wonderful service and the mediator could not have been any more kinder or understanding.”

“Thank you all so much , I can’t tell you how much Nettie Walding and Neil Robinson and Emma have helped me, I really can’t, you are all such wonderful special people you really are.”

“Excellent Value for Money thank you so much!.”