Relationship Counselling and Marriage Guidance

We have an in-house relate trained counsellor – Juliet Crum – who, for many years, has been helping couples decide whether their relationship is over, or whether, with a little hard work, things can get back on track. You can view Juliet’s Profile on our Team page.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Marriage guidance and relationship counselling is not just about getting you back together, although that was its primary aim in the early days. It can help you to work through the issues that have caused the relationship to break down – to explore what is not working and perhaps help you come to terms with the end of your relationship.  Relationship counselling can also help you to try and understand why those issues have occurred. With this understanding sometimes comes the ability to then move on with your own lives positively and even amicably. What are the benefits?

  • You are in control
  • You can have as many sessions as you think you need
  • You can talk about anything in a safe and non-judgemental environment
  • You can attend together or on your own
  • It is confidential

If your relationship has recently ended and you are finding it difficult to accept, relationship counselling can also be extremely helpful. Sessions last just under an hour and can take place either here in our Stafford office, or, if you prefer an evening appointment, at Juliet’s house in Stafford. Costs The cost of a counselling session would be £100.00 per couple. If you wish to attend on your own, the fee would be £50.00. Appointments can usually be offered at very short notice. If in the end you decide that your relationship has come to an end (and if you both agree), we can discuss whether you feel ready to attend mediation. Mediation can help you separate as amicably as possible for you and your children’s sakes. We can make an appointment for you to see one of our mediators for an assessment meeting. In mediation you can begin to work out the arrangements for the the children, as well as deal with the financial and property matters to enable you both to move on with your separate lives. Please look at our Mediation page for more information or, if you would prefer a chat, do give Emma or Gerry a call on 01785 747322.

Feedback from clients Juliet has helped

“I was recommended to see Juliet through Family Mediation Centre Staffordshire, I had never seen a counsellor before but wanted some professional help and to speak to someone who I didn’t know.  I was apprehensive on meeting Julie t but immediately warmed to her.  My first sessions I spent almost in tears for the whole time.  She listened empathised and helped me to understand my feelings.  She suggested I keep a journal of feelings, events, conversations (which I still use) I found this extremely useful.  At times your head is in a spin and you feel you are living in a bubble.  I take my journal with me to my sessions with her and it helps me to remember things and talk to her about them.  She is helping me to restore my confidence, self belief, self esteem and focus on my positives.  Which believe me when you have really hurtful unkind things said to you, you truly start to believe it is all your fault!  Everyone has good intentions and advice but when I have learnt from Juliet is that you have to go with your gut instinct with things and do what you feel is right.  She is worth her weight in gold & I wouldn’t be where I am today without her continued support.”   (January 2015)

“I couldn’t have got through my marriage breakdown without Juliet at my side” (November 2014)

“I wish I knew about Juliet when we were going through our difficulties it may have saved our marriage” (August 2014)

“I think everyone should know about how much Juliet has helped me, I will be her advocate if you need me to be” (December 2014)

“She empowers me, makes me feel important, doesn’t Judge me, she is so down to earth, I can say anything to her” (January 2015)