Mediation in Wolverhampton

Black CountryAfter the sad death or Robin Ap Cynan of Lupus and SARN mediation we have been helping the people of Wolverhampton to easily access mediation.  Our mediators work from the Relate office at Newhampton Road East near the Molineux Stadium and travel to the Black Country once or twice a week to meet with clients to assess whether family mediation might help.   We can offer legal aid for anyone who qualifies, people often think that legal aid isn’t available anymore but legal aid has always been available for mediation.  It can be quite frustrating to hear that clients especially those on income support, JSA or ESA have not been informed that they will passport through to get legal aid (free mediation paid for by the government).

We hope to continue to grow in this area and are glad to be working with some many organisations to offer this vital resource to couples and families in difficulty.

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