Sad News Regarding Robin-Ap-Cynan and Lupus Mediation in Wolverhampton

We are so sad to report that Robin-Ap-Cynan a local mediator who owned Lupus & SALM mediation in Wolverhampton, Shropshire and Birmingham has sadly passed away.  We are helping all we can with the mediation clients both new and old that were with Lupus and are taking over all the referrals.  Please call 01785 747322 if you were with Lupus and have any queries.

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Mediation Quality Mark – Success

We are so pleased to announce that we have passed our Mediation Qualify Mark and first legal aid audit with flying colours, 100% compliant!  A rarity apparently.  We are all so chuffed to bits with the hard work and effort everyone has put in to achieve this.

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Supporting Circus Starr

circus starrcicus starrWe are pleased to announce that we will be supporting Circus Starr this month and Family Mediation Centre Staffordshire have donated so that a special child and their carer can go and watch the next big show in Congleton.

Circus Starr is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to support local businesses and local children’s charities through a 75 venue tour hosted three times a year. A Social Enterprise with children at its heart, Circus Starr operates a unique donated ticket programme that allows thousands of children to attend free shows thanks to the generous support of local businesses who, in turn, enjoy the opportunity to ‘give back’ to their communities.



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World Conflict Resolution Day 16th October 2014 – Kids in The Middle

We were so pleased to host World Conflict Resolution Day on 16th October, like other years the focus for this event was really thinking about young people as participants in family conflict.  We welcomed Duncan Fisher from Kids in the Middle to talk about the launch of their new website and online peer mentoring scheme for children.   Carol Hope a family mediator from Scotland who spends a large amount of her time teaching children how to mediate in schools, she gave an truly inspiring presentation of what a difference she saw after spending just three days with the children.  Mabel Edge a mediator and child worker in Plymouth presented artwork and messages from children in conflict.  We also enjoyed listening to all our foreign guests talk about their mediation practices in their own countries.   The Post House, Stafford provided the training venue and refreshments throughout the day which were all very good and we look forward to working with them again in 2015.

A few snapshots of the day are show including the curry our foreign guests and us enjoyed on the Thursday evening.


Sabine Walsh (Ireland), Carol Hope (Scotland) and Emma Turner


Curry On Thursday Evening with Bernt (Sweden) Vaula & Pia (Finland) Pedro (Portugal) Leo and Paola (Italy) Lisa Parkinson, Nicola Watson, Neil Robinson, Sabine (Ireland) Ian Christie, Carol Hope (Scotland)

Kids in the Middle

Gerry McPherson, Duncan Fisher (Founder of Kids in the Middle), Emma Turner









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Research – The most essential part of any Divorce, Separation or Family Dispute

I am so frustrated at hearing the horror stories of the legal profession across the UK. Please if anyone is getting divorced or separating or has any family issues RESEARCH your options. If you were looking at spending £5,000 on a car you would research the car go to a number of garages to find the car that suits you best. So many people find themselves paying £1,000’s and not getting anywhere and not knowing what is happening! This is not on and you should from the start be provided with all the options available to you to help resolve your disputes. I am sure you would much prefer to spend that money on a holiday or your children’s university fees! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESEARCH before instructing anyone, speak to people that are in the know! Look at Mediation as an option (round the table with a mediator), Collaborative Law (round the table with two collaborative lawyers who agree they won’t leave until a deal has been made), Arms Length Negotiations through Solicitors (letter going back and forth between Solicitors to negotiate a deal), The Court process being a litigant in person (applying yourself to the Court to act in person without a Solicitor).    Also there are still so many people saying you can’t get legal aid anymore, YOU CAN LEGAL AID IS STILL AVAILABLE for mediation and a limited amount with Solicitors.     There are some really good professionals out there providing all the correct information and some that choose what they would like you to hear and what works best for them.  You are the the person going through this difficult time, you are the person paying out for the service that is right for you, throughout it is your case and your decision about yours and your children’s future. 

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See our TV Clip at Wolverhampton Road Doctors Surgery

We are pleased to announce that you will see our TV clip very soon in Wolverhampton Road Doctors Surgery.  We are always looking for new ways to promote family mediation as a way of dealing with family disputes and what better way than whilst people are waiting to see their Doctor.  We hope everyone likes it!

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Kids in the Middle join us for World Conflict Resolution Day 16th October 2014

We are really excited about the up and coming World Conflict Resolution event on 16th October when we will be joined by the new charity Kids in the Middle .  Duncan Fisher, Trustee of Kids in the Middle will talk about online peer mentoring for children and young people experiencing parental separation and divorce and we will share ideas and experiences concerning resources and services provided by young people themselves.  We have still got some spaces left so if you would like to attend please contact Emma on 01785 747322 for a booking form.





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Summer’s Nearly Out!!!

With winter just around the corner, we thought it was time to reflect on what a fantastic summer we have had, all the training events have been well attended and well received with positive feedback, we hope we can keep up the good work for the second part of the year.

We have also moved into a bigger office within Parkfield Business Centre, allowing us to take on a new member of staff, Carole Stanley.   Carole joined us a month ago and has fitted in as we expected she would.  We have worked for many years with Carole before and were so pleased when she said she could join us, we know she is a real asset to have.

The major event still to happen is World Conflict Resolution Day being held on 16th October at The Post House, Stafford.  Lisa Parkinson and Neil Robinson have worked very hard to ensure everyone attending has a fun packed programme.  With international guests talking about their experiences of mediation in Finland, Gothenburg, Ireland, Russia, Italy and many more plus a slot with special guests, Kids in the Middle, finding out how young people feel during separation and divorce.  We hope a few more can join us on this event and please do call Emma on 01785 747322 if you want a flyer or booking form.  Or you can get this information on the Training section of our website.

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Annual Update of Law & Practice at YMCA

We spent a lovely day up in the sky yesterday at the very top of the YMCA building in Hanley for our second Annual Update of Law & Practice.   A very lively bunch of mediators, foster carers and solicitors attended and the conversation certainly did not run dry.  Chris Barton provided his usual excellent finance and children updates and Neil his very informative and interactive discussion around mediation, the Courts and the national scene.

The new datasticks holding all the useful information and forms were also a hit and Chris promised to provide a further added bonus of the law as it stands at Christmas time later on in the year.

We look forward to the next big event Screening Out, Including In – Dealing effectively with issues of domestic abuse in family mediation on 2nd July at The Post House, Stafford which is also looking to be another well attended event.

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Did the Cap Fit? – Event News from 3rd June 2014

The CAP certainly did fit and we have a very fun packed day with mediation administrators, managers and mediators from all over the UK.

The conversation certainly didn’t dry up and there was so much we wanted to talk about.  Some attendees were very new to the world of mediation and some wanted motivation and inspiration to take back to their daily practice.

A big thank you to Ann Henshaw for teaching us tips of dealing with difficult clients and Neil Robinson as always for being on top of the history and best practice and asking us all to reflect on how we work and the different approaches of how we can deal with clients.

Converting calls into mediation was well received and we hope attendees went away refreshed and ready to continue to adapt their own practices.

We would also like to thank The Post House, Stafford for the refreshments, fantastic lunch and letting us use their Post House Suite.

Finally we would like to thank each and everyone one that joined us for the conversation and hopefully we will see you all again and some new combers in 2015.

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